Welcome to the F.O.T.T. SIG

This website is designed to encourage F.O.T.T. practitioners to share experience and best practice.  It provides an on-line forum, accessible after a member login from this home page.  (A user-name and password for login purposes are obtainable by contacting Kay Coombes at ARCOS).

What is F.O.T.T?

F.O.T.T. (Facial-Oral Tract Therapy), developed by ARCOS Director Kay Coombes, provides a structured way to assess and treat disturbances in one or more of the following:

  • Facial expression
  • Movement of the jaw for eating and articulation
  • Breathing
  • Swallowing
  • Voice

These difficulties occur in a range of conditions and vary in severity. Used by therapists, nurses and relatives, F.O.T.T is a comprehensive approach, focusing on 4 main areas of nutrition, oral hygiene, non-verbal communication and speech. in the context of the whole body. F.O.T.T. courses are held throughout the UK, mainland Europe, Scandinavia and in Japan. For further information on courses available, please contact ARCOS.


FOTT International SIG Conference

Click here for details of the FOTT International SIG Conference to be held at Malvern College on 15th / 16th July 2011.


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